Putting a Toe in Some Different Waters...

August 26, 2021

          While waiting for my book’s cover artwork, I’ve been experimenting with other methods of creative expression. On a whim (and because it’s something on my bucket list) I auditioned for a small role in a local community play, and actually landed it. So now I attend daily rehearsals, and I’m trying really hard to learn my lines. It’s harder than I thought it would be. For a couple of years I’ve been acting as the group’s publicist, writing articles about each play for local newspapers, so I’m familiar with various facets of these productions. Still, it’s a lot harder to act than to write about actors!

In this photo, that’s me on the right, playing feisty octogenarian Ennis, who keeps 90-year-old Aubrey in check. In the pic at the top, I’m on the left, playing tug-of-war over Aubrey with my stage-sister Della. Fun times, and nobody threw tomatoes!

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