In Appreciation: National Nurses Day and Public Transportation

Today is National Nurses Day. A flash across my screen this morning reminded me of the many people for whom I am grateful. I’ve recently had several medical appointments and encountered many more health professionals than I normally do. Their knowledge, efficiency, and patience continually amaze me. They even broke through my unreasonable fear of needles to extract blood without me passing out.

This made me think about another critical group of people—public transportation folks. Last week I had to travel to Atlanta for a medical test unavailable locally. I almost skipped it because big-city driving isn’t something I do anymore. But then I learned of an amazing program our small, rural county offers its residents—affordable out-of-town trips for medical appointments. I dialed their number and courteous staff answered my many questions and scheduled me for pickup.

On the appointed day, a van picked me up at my doorstep. I settled into a comfortable bucket seat and buckled up. The personable driver, LeeAnn, chatted with me as the GPS routed us across the spring-green landscape along the backroads, up Booger Hollow, over Blood Mountain, down Frogtown Road, and finally dumped us onto a four-lane leading into the city. LeeAnn expertly navigated the urban traffic. She dropped me at the hospital entrance early for my appointment and handed me her card. “Let me know when you’re done, and I’ll come get you.”

The hospital staff, pleased with my timing, promptly got me in to see the nurse in charge of the test. I’ll spare you those details, but this woman could be a poster model for National Nurses Day. What a trooper! Professional, efficient, patient, kind, and gentle are all understatements.

Cheerful LeeAnn picked me up and we retraced our route home. She dropped me off at home earlier than anticipated. The stress-free travel made my day.
Thanks to all of the medical and transportation folks out there. You are indispensable!

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