Spring is Springing

The strawberries arrived this week, yum! Every year the local elementary school sells them as a fundraiser. It’s my unofficial start of spring. They bring me cheer—and endless possibilities. Those red jewels liven up the dreariest of breakfasts, add sweetness and color to salads and desserts, and generally just make me a happy camper. I even sliced some and flash-froze them for out-of-season enjoyment.

This got me thinking—wouldn’t it be cool if we could flash-freeze all of life’s joyous moments?

  • Sunshine warming my face after days of rain
  • Agnes (the dachshund) running in circles, excited about dinner
  • That big grin on my husband’s face when he plays a prank on me
  • Fiddles and banjoes that fill the air with mountain music
  • That feeling of satisfaction looking over a job well done
  • Turning the final page of a great read and anticipating the next one

Speaking of books, my publisher is ready to start the final setup of my next one, Dear Folks: Letters Home 1943-1946 – World War II. I know Dad would be so happy to see his letters formally published on the anniversary of his 100th birthday in April. I’m planning to flash-freeze that moment.

Photo by Dagmara Dombrovska on Unsplash

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