Peace on Earth

The wind blew hard here in the southern Appalachian Mountains today. It rained off and on. We needed the moisture, but maybe not the downed trees and branches. It’s like so many contradictions in our world: “Yes, but . . .”

A neighbor thoughtfully rescinded our Christmas dinner invitation when COVID invaded her house. I pulled some odds and ends from pantry and freezer and invited a lady who lives alone to share our cobbled-together holiday feast. An acquaintance is now a friend.

Lately, I’ve been feeling down because it seems I’ve lost touch with family near and far. Some have died, others have just drifted away. A letter arrived last week from my aunt up north, lamenting that our family is so emotionally distant. Now we’re pen pals.

These are just things that personally touch my life. Recognizing contradictions doesn’t mean looking for the bright side of a bad situation. Sometimes there isn’t a bright side, but hidden opportunities may surface.

I think often about bigger issues: Wars, famine, hate, fear, climate change, homelessness, addiction . . . the list is too long. I wonder if the big picture holds some unanticipated twists and turns that could lead us in new directions. Yes, but . . .

I will watch and listen, and pray for peace.

#peace #contradiction #newdirection

Photo by Donnie Rosie on Unsplash

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