The Power of the Pen: Remembering Jimmy Durante, Tommy Dorsey, and General Eisenhower

Finally, I’ve finished converting Dad’s letters home from WWII into a text file, and today I sent it off to my very patient publisher, W.H. Wax Publishing, LLC. The next step is adding the images, so we’re making good progress.

As I perused Dad’s letters, I marveled at the power of this old-fashioned, but reliable, method of communication that preserved so much of the everyday life of previous generations. Dad mixed the details of his training in the U.S. and deployment overseas with profiles of the people he met, his feelings of homesickness, and his thoughts about then-popular movies, music, and books and painted it all against a backdrop of historically significant events.

I think he’d be happy to see this project coming to fruition.

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Travis Souther
6 months ago

I can't wait to get a copy of Dear Folks in print.